Location:Wei Fang, Shandong

Type: Canteen

Client: Goer

Completed Year:  2018

Goer Canteen

MOtion Forte Design Studios

Goer Canteen, owned by the goer group of weifang, shandong province.​​​ Concept of a "box" for this gourmet kitchen. It stems from the notion of a "container for food". Design language utilised the wireframe for notional construction of a box for Level 1 casual open kitchen area: and the planes of "unfolding" or "deconstruction of a box for level 2 dining area

Streamlined design and well distributed light via the central feature stairwell allowing a uninterrupted "airiness" to permeate the establishment,  therefore conveying the core value of natural, organic, craftsmanship of simple but thought-through cuisine throughout this double level Canteen.