MOtion Forte Design Studios

Location: Milan

Type: Exhibition

Client: V-ZUG

Completed Year:  2018

V-ZUG @Fuorisalone Milano

Alesca Life

At Milan Design Week 2018 and EuroCucina 2018, V-ZUG presented a stunning exhibition " V-ZUG The art of Innovation" at the Museo Nazionale delle Scienza e Tecnologia, or affectionately known as the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, located in the heart of Fuorisalone circuit. Motion Forte Design Studio contributed to the design of the exhibition at Sala delle Colonne, where the visitors can meet the innovation, quality, design and lifestyle of V-ZUG surrounded by breath taking fresco by Pietro Gilardi of the 17th Century. An Art-tech gallery is the core concept where elegant design, passion of high technology of V-ZUG appliances are showcased as pieces of art on pedestals of Caesarstone and  Natural Quartz surfaces.

Alesca Life is a technology company specializing in the development and promotion of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient indoor vegetable planting systems. The simple black and white tone defines its office space. Combination of different height partition and transparent glazing provided privacy with much needed natural light, allowing the whole space to be bright, open and functional. The glass partition along the corridor also serves as double sided whiteboard for team members to share ideas. And various conference room / quiet rooms provide different levels of privacy needs for team members to work independently or collaborate with others.

Location: Beijing

Type: Workspace

Client: Alesca Life

Completed Year:  2018